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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Chapter 1 Protection of Personal Information

Article 1 (Collection of Personal Information)

① Melliens collects the minimum amount of information you need to gather.

The following are mandatory, and others are optional:

1. Statement

2. Address

3. Phone number

4. E-mail Address

5. Name of affiliated organization

②When collecting the user's personal information, the user's consent shall be obtained except in the following cases

1. Where there is a special provision in the Act

2. If necessary for the implementation of the service use contract

③ For the protection of personal information, Melliens shall minimize the number of managers and seek technical measures necessary to secure stability so that personal information is not lost, stolen, leaked, or tampered with.

④ When Melliens achieves the purpose of collecting personal information, it shall destroy the personal information without delay.

Article 2 (Person in charge of management of personal information)

1. Belonging to: Melliens

2. Name: Yoon Jin-won in charge

3. E-mail address:

Article 3 (Purpose of Collection and Use of Personal Information)

1. Online and offline notification functions to provide medical information to users smoothly

2. User authentication procedures and information services within Melliens

3. Smooth operation and statistical analysis of Melliens' homepage

Article 4 (Duration of retention and use of personal information)

1. Melliens shall determine the period of membership as the period of retention and use of personal information.

2. According to the Personal Information Protection Act and the Standard Personal Information Protection Guidelines (Ministry of Public Administration and Security), website members are required to retain personal information once again every year after signing up.

Article 5 (Restriction on the Use and Provision of Personal Information)

① The provided personal information shall not be provided to non-purpose use or third parties without the consent of the relevant user, and Melliens shall be responsible for any damages caused by the user.

However, exceptions shall be made in the following cases:

1. Where there is a special provision in the Act

2. If necessary for the settlement of charges and delivery of services, etc.

3. In case statistics, academic research, or market research are necessary, and specific individuals are provided in a form that cannot be identified

② A person who receives a user's personal information from an information and communication service provider shall not use or provide personal information to a third party other than the purpose of receiving it, except in cases where the user agrees or has special regulations in other laws.

Article 6 (User's Rights)

① The user may withdraw his/her consent under Article 10, Article 15, Article 1, or Article 2 of sympathy at any time.

However, the withdrawal statement is valid from the time the e-mail is reached to the recipient of the information from Melliens or Melliens.

② Users may request Melliens to view their personal information, and if there is an error in their personal information, they may request correction.

③ Requests for withdrawal, perusal and correction under paragraphs (1) and (2) shall be made by e-mailing Melliens, and Melliens shall be obliged to take necessary action without delay after the e-mail is reached.

If a user requests correction of an error, the personal information shall not be used until Melliens corrects the error.

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