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About us

About us

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We operate the beef carbon footprint monitoring platform based on bio big-data. 

Melliens holds a proprietary technology to quantify the amount of carbon footprint from each cattle within 24hrs. 

This technology provides a fundamental change in carbon emissions offsets from cattle.


Melliens is building a connection between beef farmers and the tech world to share benefits by trading accumulated 

carbon credits in voluntary carbon market.  


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Melliens is the first global solution company to Monitor Beef Carbon Emission via Bio Big Data. Cutting-edge Technology Created through over a Decade of Extensive Scientific Research by Professional Scientists.




Melliens’ technology allows us to induce the participation of 

the general public, consumers, and companies in developing 

sustainable agriculture that benefits everyone on the planet.  

We declare a bold vision of carbon neutrality. 

Melliens: Based on 10 Years of Research and Preparation



  • A Study on the Genetic
    Characteristics and Information of
    Cattle Genome Variation
  • A Study on the Comparative
    Genomics between Hanwoo and
    Oberseas Barieties


  • Development of a Livestock
    Genome Selection Model
  • Genomic Selection Reference
    Group and DB Construcion


  • Development of Automation
    programs for the Evaluation of
    Korean Cattle Genetic Capacity
  • Secuting and Investigating
    Genetic Resources in Africa to
    Respond to Climate Crisis


  • Open CowCarbon Platform
  • Launch Low-carbon beef
  • Beef Carbon Emission
    Monitoring Platform R&BD
  • Establishment of Melliens
    Business Corporation

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