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Livestock Carbon Monitoring & Carbon Credit Sharing Platform

Melliens is a company that is on a mission to provide a solution to cattle emissions. We declare a bold
vision and technology of carbon neutrality that could revolutionize the sector.
Melliens is a climate technology company to provide the first carbon credits for cattle emissions savings.
  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions
    Contribute to Global Warming
    Greenhouse Gasses (GHG) released to the atmosphere have raised the global temperature.
    Since industrialization in 1880s, the global temperature has risen by 0.83˚C to 1.2˚C in over 100 years until 2018.
    Agriculture accounts for 24% of Global GHG emission, with precisely 10% from the cattle sector.
    Methane, a greenhouse gas that is known to trap 28 times more heat than carbon dioxide, is abundant in the atmosphere.
    The amount of methane generated in the livestock sector accounts for 35% of total methane emissions.
    Effective and practical solutions to reduce GHG emission are urgently needed to prevent global warming. The initiative, promoted globally now, is to practice carbon neutrality by 2050.
Wise choice for the Earth
Why Melliens Developed Beef Carbon
Emission Monitoring Platform

Carbon footprint of beef production is difficult to measure due to biological variation in individual cattle, insufficient data, inaccurate data,
falsifiable data, and high cost to measure.
Even if beef cattle are raised in the same farm, the amount of beef produced varies according to the genetic trait and management of the
individual, and this difference in production efficiency causes the CO2 emission per 1 kg of beef to be different.
The cowcarbon platform quantifies and verifies the reduced carbon emissions of cattle, thus providing a solution to these problems. It has
been accumulating data and genome information over 10 years of research. It has also been developing a carbon emission monitoring
system for each individual cow that is applied immediately.

Livestock carbon monitoring &
Carbon credit sharing platform

Our Service – Carbon Credit Generation & Trading Platform Diagram

We quantify individual beef carbon footprints.
We verify low-carbon beef products by each cattle.
We calculate beef carbon emissions reduced for carbon credit trading.

The platform monitors and evaluates emissions savings from sustainable practices
used in the livestock sector in order to generate carbon credits for them in real-time.
The profits are shared with beef suppliers. Anyone can purchase the credits.

Tokenized carbon credits launched – NFT

Using blockchain, we offer tokenized carbon credits and create a tradable commodity in a transparent market accessible to anyone.

Low-carbon Beef Production
Sustainable livestock carbon emission monitoring
Low-carbon technology tracks, calculates, and verifies the carbon emission of each individual cow.
Genetic information identification with proprietary technology results in the selection of low-carbon producing calves for safe non-GMO customized breeding.

Low-carbon Beef Verification – Benefits to All

Improved Environmental Sustainability: Measuring and reducing the GHG emissions of
individual cattle can help to mitigate the environmental impact of the livestock
sector, and support more sustainable agricultural practices.

Better Decision-Making: Monitoring and quantifying the GHG footprint of individual
cattle can provide valuable data that can inform decision-making about breeding,
feed, and management practices, allowing farmers and ranchers to make more
informed choices that can lead to lower emissions and more sustainable operations.

Market differentiation: Reducing GHG emissions can help differentiate a rancher's
products in the market and appeal to consumers who are increasingly concerned
about the environmental impact of their purchases.


The market demand in the US for Low-carbon beef will reach $18B in 2025


Sustainable livestock carbon emission monitoring

Low carbon technology tracks, calculates, and verifies the carbon emission of each individual cow.
Genetic information identification with proprietary technology results in the selection of low carbon
producing calves for safe non-GMO customized breeding
stamp stamp
  • LOCA COW is genuine beef for consumers who are both
    environmentally conscious and desire authentic beef.
  • LOCA COW is high quality beef produced with
    low-carbon footprint.
  • LOCA COW produces 65% lower carbon footprint per pound
    than the industry's standard baseline.

Plant 3 pine trees


Annual Carbon Emission Reduction per Person with LOCACOW Beef Purchases

Filed Intellectual Properties

LOWCACOW's low carbon technology is protected as intellectual property. filed with US and PCT.


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