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Melliens is the world's first company to operate a beef carbon emission monitoring
platform based on big-data and animal biotechnology research.
Our global responsibility is to contribute to a sustainable Earth with net-zero carbon livestock.
  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions
    Contribute to Global Warming
    Greenhouse Gasses (GHG) released to the atmosphere have raised the global temperature.
    Since industrialization in 1880s, the global temperature has risen by 0.83˚C to 1.2˚C in over 100 years until 2018.
    Agriculture accounts for 24% of Global GHG emission, with precisely 10% from the cattle sector.
    Methane, a greenhouse gas that is known to trap 28 times more heat than carbon dioxide, is abundant in the atmosphere.
    The amount of methane generated in the livestock sector accounts for 35% of total methane emissions.
    Effective and practical solutions to reduce GHG emission are urgently needed to prevent global warming. The initiative, promoted globally now, is to practice carbon neutrality by 2050.
  • The Earth’s Giga Fires
    Recently, large uncontrollable wildfires have been occurring in many parts of the world, including the United States, Turkey, and Brazil. The biggest contributors are continued high temperatures and dry weather due to global warming.
    There is a great risk that these fires will accelerate global warming and abnormal climates.
    In particular, forest fires in the Amazon are mainly caused by thousands of ranchers cutting down and setting fires to turn forests into pastures.
  • Explosively Increasing Cattle
    As of 2020, the number of cattle raised globally is about 1.5 billion; the population
    growth and the increase in meat consumption in developing
    countries are expected to continue to increase.
    As a result, greenhouse gas emissions from cattle will also increase explosively.
    A Solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from cattle production are essential for sustainable Earth and sustainable livestock.
Wise choice for the Earth
Why Melliens Developed Beef Carbon Emission Monitoring Platform

Livestock accounts for 14.5% of Global GHG emissions, this will go up to 30% if no action is taken.
Despite the dire circumstances, there has been no significant progress in reducing GHG emissions from cattle.
There are limited methods to reduce carbon emission by applying scoring element system or feed
additives which makes it more difficult for market penetration due to the high cost.

Original Beef Carbon Emission Monitoring

We have developed a groundbreaking carbon emission monitoring system for each individual cow that can be applied immediately at a low price using big data technology and genome information accumulated over 10 years of proprietary research.
This technology is an essential competent to the low-carbon beef verification and production system, allowing a unit weight of beef to accurately quantify carbon-equivalent units of global warming potential.

Benefits of Beef Carbon Emission Monitoring Platform

Thanks to this proprietary big data technology and algorithm,
customers can enjoy healthy beef that emit 65% lower greenhouse gas with regular beef price.

Shared Benefits
Any group participating in the Melliens platform can benefit from each other.
- Effective reductions in livestock carbon footprint and carbon credits.
- National Net Zero contribution through carbon reduction in livestock sector
- Improvement of positive returns through development of low carbon livestock categories
- Global ESG practices through the purchase of carbon credits.
- Carbon offset consumption through low carbon beef purchases.
Low-carbon Beef Production
Sustainable livestock carbon emission monitoring
Low-carbon technology tracks, calculates, and verifies the carbon emission of each individual cow.
Genetic information identification with proprietary technology results in the selection of low-carbon producing calves for safe non-GMO customized breeding.


The market demand in the US for Low-carbon beef will reach $18B in 2025


Sustainable livestock carbon emission monitoring

Low carbon technology tracks, calculates, and verifies the carbon emission of each individual cow.
Genetic information identification with proprietary technology results in the selection of low carbon
producing calves for safe non-GMO customized breeding
stamp stamp
  • LOCA COW is genuine beef for consumers who are both
    environmentally conscious and desire authentic beef.
  • LOCA COW is high quality beef produced with
    low-carbon footprint.
  • LOCA COW produces 65% lower carbon footprint per pound
    than the industry's standard baseline.

Plant 3 pine trees


Annual Carbon Emission Reduction per Person with LOCACOW Beef Purchases

Filed Intellectual Properties

LOWCACOW's low carbon technology is protected as intellectual property. filed with US and PCT.


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